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I make true-to-life, reasonably-priced mesh models, sculpties, poses and textures for low-prim furniture creation in various styles to suit a large number of builders.

I started out as a furniture maker and builder in January 2010 and got hooked on sculpting when I couldn’t find the sculpts I was looking for to make my furniture.

I love the creative aspect. I have always been interested in furniture and interior design. I supply the raw materials, but it’s the imagination and creativity of customers which bring my models to life and that is very satisfying for me. I love what I do here on Second Life.

My store is where you can see my work. I don’t just mean the pictures on vendors – I mean the actual models. It is very important to me that my customers see exactly how my models behave, whether they are well made and how they can be textured. I hope It is also a place where people can get inspiration and ideas.

Katy Dirkle


katy portrait december 2016_005